FM E-skip opening 7/6/14. 2 new logs. (Updated)

media-fmesUPDATED: Sporadic E returned at 7:47 p.m. on 92.7 FM and remained in FM until 8:16 p.m.  It, once again, returned between 8:53 and 9:04 p.m. or 40 minutes cumulative for the later opening (at least 225 minutes for the entire day) with a MUF of 99.7 FM.  As with the original opening today, noted further below, most FM signals in the later opening were short, brief and devoid of any IDs.  Stations heard during the second FM E-skip opening on July 6 is below.

89.1 unID public radio, undecoded RDS
89.5 unID public radio
89.9 unID public radio
91.5 KANU Lawrence, KS, “KPR” – public radio, 968 miles
91.7 unID CHR
92.7 unID CHR
92.9 unID CHR with Ryan Seacrest
92.9 KVRE Hot Springs Village, AR, “92.9 The Village” – standards, 917 miles
97.5 unID rock
98.1 unID talk, undecoded RDS
99.7 unID country

The original post describing the earlier July 6, 2014 opening is below:

I missed most of a good FM Es opening on July 6.  Based on unattended recordings on 92.7 and 95.7 FM, skip appeared on 92.7 at 9:33 a.m.  It was weak and occasional, until the 10 a.m. hour when it hit the opening’s MUF of 106.1.  During an extended lull in the opening, I decided to take a nap and missed all but the last few minutes of the later part of the opening.  Unfortunately, most signals received today had fade-outs just as station identification aired.  The skip left FM at 1:50 p.m., being in FM for at least 185 cumulative minutes.  My DX Log and Audio Files pages have been updated to reflect the information below.

@ = new

89.1 KMUW Wichita, KS, RDS hit, 1087 miles
89.1 unID FF talk
92.1 unID ccm
92.1 unID classic rock
92.7 KZUH Minneapolis, KS, “92-7 The New Zoo” – CHR, 1093 miles

@ 92.7 WRPP Manistique, MI, local ads, 689 miles
92.9 KTGL Beatrice, NE, local ads, 1044 miles
92.9 KSDR Watertown, SD, local ads, 1105 miles
93.5 unID country
94.9 unID country
95.7 KROA Grand Island, NE, 1128 miles
95.7 unID CHR
96.9 unID CHR
97.3 unID commercials
97.5 unID CHR
98.1 KFGE Milford, NE, RDS hit, 1071 miles
@ 99.9 KSKG Salina, KS, “99 KG” – country, 1090 miles
100.9 unID country
100.9 unID religious
101.7 unID classic rock
101.7 unID religious
101.7 unID country
105.7 KXKX Knob Noster, MO, local ads, 870 miles
106.1 unID CHR