media-fmesAn interesting FM E-Skip opening into the never-before-heard city of Quebec, QC brought in area signals, as well as a new FM short distance record on July 5.  Signals abruptly appeared at 8:07 p.m. with almost no build-up.  Most signals were French language and were very difficult to ID as I do not speak the language.  Most of the FF signals seemed to be in public radio simulcasting, so many remained unIDed.  The bright spot of the opening was when I received 92.9 WEZF from Vermont — a new short FM Es distance record signal at 465 miles, unseating previous close distant record 104.9 WINN from Indiana at 469 miles.  Signals were overall weak and stayed in FM until 8:56 p.m.  However, at 9:57 p.m., FM Es appeared again, bringing in 89.9 KTHF from Oklahoma, among other weak signals.  The second round of FM Es disappeared two minutes later, bringing the cumulative total for FM Es on July 5 to 52 minutes, with a MUF of 102.1 FM.  My DX Log, FM RDS/HD Radio Screenshots and Audio Files pages have been updated to reflect the information below.

@ = new

88.9 CBVX-3 Baie-St-Paul, QC, RDS hit, 693 miles
89.5 unID FF
89.1 unID public radio
89.9 unID classic rock
89.9 KTHF Hammon, OK, “The House FM” – ccm, 1232 miles
90.3 unID public radio
90.5 unID ccm over local WJYJ
91.3 unID public radio
91.5 unID public radio
91.7 unID public radio
92.1 unID urban
92.7 unID country over local WWXT

92.9 WEZF Burlington, VT, local ads, 465 miles – NEW SHORT Es DISTANCE!
92.9 unID classic rock

@ 93.3 CJMF Quebec, QC, “FM 93” – FF rock, o/WFLS, 634 miles
93.5 unID 80s music
94.1 unID country
@ 94.3 CBAL-5 Edmunston, NB, RDS hit over local WWXX, 751 miles
95.7 CHGO-1 Rouyn-Noranda, QC, RDS hit, 666 miles
96.7 unID FF talk
96.9 unID talk
97.3 unID CHR
97.5 unID FF rock

@ 98.1 CHOI Quebec City, QC, “Radio X” – FF hot AC, 634 miles

@ 98.9 CHIK Quebec City, QC, “Energy” – FF rock, 634 miles
100.5 unID talk
102.1 unID FF talk

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