Tropo opening 6/24/14. 1 new FM log.

media-fmtrA somewhat average tropo opening bringing in the usual Norfolk, VA and Philadelphia, PA stations with distances up to 150 miles away brought in a new signal on June 24.  At 1:03 a.m., I received 92.7 WKZF Starview, PA, “92-7 KZF” at 100 miles away over local 92.7 WWXT Prince Frederick, MD.  But perhaps what is more interesting is that WKZF is only 700 watts, while WWXT is 2,850 watts.  My DX Log and Audio Files pages have been updated to reflect WKZF’s logging.

92.7 WKZF Starview, PA, “92-7 KZF” – classic rock, 6/24/14 1:03 a.m., 100 miles