FM E-Skip Opening 6/9/14. 1 new FM log.

media-fmesThe 2014 Sporadic E season has been off to a rough start in Northern Virginia with no trace of FM Es in two weeks.  However, a garden-variety Es opening on June 9 netted me one new log–the first new FM signal via Es this year.  Es was noted on the lower FM band at 7:02 p.m. into Manitoba.  Abruptly at about 7:22 p.m., however, the skip changed to reflecting stations in from Texas and Louisiana.  After many dips in and out of the FM band, the opening ended at 8:13 p.m., at a respectable 68 minutes cumulative above 88.1 FM.  The MUF of the opening was 97.5 FM, but most signals stayed below 92.1.  This opening, unlike others this year, had several strong signals, some of which was enough to decode RDS.  My DX Log and FM RDS/HD Radio Screenshots pages have been updated to reflect the information below.

@ = new station

88.3 unID talk/NPR

@ 88.9 CKMW Winkler, MB, local ads, 1255 miles
89.1 KFLO Blanchard, LA, “Miracle 89.1” – religious, 1035 miles
89.5 unID AAA
90.5 unID religious over local WJYJ
91.5 KGRM Grambling, LA, RDS hit, 965 miles
91.7 unID talk/NPR
92.1 unID CHR

92.7 KIVY Crockett, TX, “92.7 KIVY” – country, 1145 miles over local WWXT
92.9 unID AC
93.5 KJAE Leesville, LA, legal ID, 1044 miles
97.3 unID CHR
97.5 unID 80s/CHR
97.5 unID urban AC