New site layout, navigation

media-logoI just finished the annual spring cleaning of my website, but this year I decided to take it a step further with debuting a new WordPress theme.  My old theme, which has been in use since I converted my site to WordPress in 2010, was recently ‘retired.’  Although the old theme was still usable, I decided to go for something more modern.  I also moved around several pages to make it easier to find things.  The ‘Learn’ section is DXing 101.  ‘DX Logs’ remain the same, while I grouped all pages relating to my local signals, shack, etc. under ‘Local DX Conditions.’  I also decided to put the ‘Audio’ and ‘Screenshots’ pages in its own sections (before these were under sections sorted by broadcast band).  Can’t find what you are looking for?  Click on the magnifying glass under the Virginia state outline above and you can search for specific content.