FM E-Skip opening 5/21/14

media-fmesA short-lived Sporadic E opening brought FM signals from the upper Midwest into Virginia on May 21.

Skip was first noted (via unattended recordings) on 92.9 FM at 9:08 p.m., with KSDR Watertown, SD booming in clearly for the greater half of the hour.  Ironically, I checked my radios minutes before at 9:05 p.m. to find deadband conditions and missed a lot of this opening.  The frustrating part was that I was at my desk and able to DX this opening in its entirety, but I didn’t think to check the dial again until 9:34 p.m., just as the skip started to die down.  Murphy’s Law at its finest.  The opening lasted at least 49 minutes, dropping completely out of FM by 9:57 p.m.

Once I started to actively DX, I found strong, but short-lived, signals up to 100.7 FM.

Signals heard:

91.7 unID public radio
92.1 unID AC
92.9 KSDR Watertown, SD, “KS 93” – country, 1105 miles
92.9 WSCD Duluth, MN, classical, 937 miles
97.7 “Sunny 97.7” – either KNBZ Redfield, SD @ 1184 miles or WFDL Lomira, WI at 675 miles (both relogs)
100.1 unID classic hits
100.5 unID signal of unknown format
100.7 unID country