new-post-fmesA completely unexpected December Sporadic E opening happened in Virginia on December 3, bringing in signals from Alabama and (presumably) surrounding areas.  At 7:44 p.m. I turned on my radio and heard relog 92.9 WBLX Mobile, AL @ 810 miles.  WBLX was in and our for about five minutes.  A few other weak signals below the opening’s 92.9 MUF frequency were heard:

-89.1 unID christian contemporary
-89.1 unID religious
-89.5 unID talk
-92.9 unID oldies

wblxThe opening, for the most part, was here one moment and gone the next.  However, the last FM Es signal was heard at 8:33 p.m.  This marks the second off-season opening I’ve received in the colder months since regularly monitoring Sporadic E in 2006.  On 1/8/07, a fairly strong FM Es opening briefly shot up to 107.1 FM, bringing in signals from the Dallas, TX area.

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