Tr opening 10/15/13. 1 new FM log. SC ‘tropo wall’ broken!

new-post-fmtrFor the second time in 14 years, a South Carolina FM signal has made it through the proverbial SC ‘iron curtain’ and was received in Northern Virginia.  I recently wrote about the phenomenon of the NC/SC state line being the southernmost point I can get DX from.  At 11:06 a.m., 92.9 WEGX Dillon, SC came in fairly strong for about 25 minutes.

92.9 WEGX Dillon, SC, 10/15/13, 318 miles, (“Today’s Country, Eagle 92.9”)

wegxWEGX’s audio file has been added to my Audio Files page, where you can find hundreds of other DX audio recordings.  My FM DX log has also been updated with WEGX’s logging.