New meteor scatter ping from 92.9 WEZF Burlington, VT

new-post-fmmsI’m not sure if this is meteor scatter, airplane scatter or tropo.  Below is a clip from relog 92.9 WEZF Burlington, VT @ 465 miles at 9:42 a.m. Oct. 9.  In it, you hear a mention of Della Mitsubishi in Plattsburgh, NY, followed by an ID of WEZF as “Star 92.9.”  Typically, I’d consider this meteor scatter due to the distance and a very rough signal path via tropo due to mountains.  WEZF has also been received via meteor scatter several times in the past month, so picking them up is nothing new.  However, the continual fading sounds a lot like airplane scatter or tropo.  Click on the player below to hear the file:

92.9 WEZF Burlington, VT @ 465 miles, 10/9/13 (local ads, station ID).

wezfThere have been reports on the WTFDA email list of tropo from NJ into SC at over 500 miles at about the same time on Oct. 9, so there is a slight chance a freak tropo duct could’ve opened up from Vermont to Virginia for a very brief amount of time.  It is highly unlikely, but not impossible.  Regardless, I’m not 100% on considering this tropo due to the lack of any other signals (other than common relog 92.9 WVBW Suffolk, VA @ 132 miles) in at about the same time as WEZF.  If it was tropo, WEZF would become my furthest FM tropo log, unseating 99.9 WQRC Barnstable, MA @ 420 miles, first logged on 9/7/05.  Without confirmation on the propagation mode, I unfortunately cannot update this FM statistic.