Tr opening 8/24/13. New FM RDS screenshots and audio files added.

new-post-fmtrAn unusual tropo opening brought in signals from two uncommon paths to my Northern Virginia home.  96.7 WDLD and 104.7 WAYZ from the Hagerstown, MD  area were blasting in with full stereo reception during the 11 p.m. hour.  Typically, WDLD is heard very weak slightly above the noise level, but I never heard WAYZ on my home radios, only in my car until today.  100.7 WZBA, another signal that barely comes in, if at all, during normal conditions (even with other Baltimore signals decoding IBOC) came in for the first time with RDS in the opening.  93.1 WPOC, from Baltimore, MD, a semi-local but short-spaced to IBOC-carrying local 93.3 WFLS decoded RDS for the first time since 2008 when I added RDS capability to my shack, too.  All of these northwestern and northeastern signals were joined by several rare southwesternly signals heard from 106.1 WCNR, a very weak 600-watter from the Charlottesville area, and 105.5 WOJL from Louisa, VA.  All signals heard in the opening were relogs.

93.1 WPOC Baltimore, MD, 51 miles

93.1 WPOC Baltimore, MD, 51 miles

100.7 WZBA Westminster, MD, 60 miles

104.7 WAYZ Hagerstown, MD, 72 miles (“104.7 WAYZ”)

106.1 WCNR Keswick, VA, 81 miles (“106-1 The Corner”)