DX Alert: Changes on 34 WPXW-DT Manassas, VA’s subchannels

logo-wpxwAs alerted to me on the WTFDA email list by several DXers, it seems at least a handful of ION television stations in various markets have made minor changes to their channel offerings.  This would be helpful for DXers to know especially for ION signals as they typically do not display calls in their PSIP IDs and a DXer may get only a handful of subchannels in a weak opening.  As noted on the email list, some stations have added a simulcast of QVC on a new xx.5 subchannel and changed the name of their “ShopTV” subchannel (often on xx.4) to simply “Shop” in their PSIP ID.  My local ION affiliate, 34 WPXW (virtual 66) has not added QVC as of yet, but they did change the title of ‘ShopTV’ as previously mentioned.  Unrelated to the ION changes, but QVC airs locally on a digital subchannel of 14 WWTD-LD Washington, DC.

Current lineup of 34 WPXW-DT:

__________66.1 “ION” HD
__________66.2 “Qubo” SD
__________66.3 “Ion Life” SD
__________66.4 “Shop TV” SD