new-post-fmtrI added the RDS image below from 91.5 WBJC Baltimore, MD to the FM RDS & HD Radio Screenshots Page (click the link to see hundreds more screenshots from other stations).  At 57 miles away, WBJC brings in a semi-local stereo signal through the warmer months (staticy signal in the winter but always there) and its HD Radio signal is a very common visitor in Northern Virginia.  However, the station’s RDS is another story.  Even when WBJC is strong enough to bring in HD Radio, RDS typically never displays from the station.  In my car, WBJC’s RDS almost always decodes (screenshot of that also on the linked page above).  Yesterday’s RDS decode on the Denon TU-1500RD radio, shown below, marks the first time WBJC’s RDS was decoded on my home radios.

91.5 WBJC Baltimore, MD, 57 miles, 8/4/13

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