new-post-fmesA much-needed Sporadic E opening occurred on July 26 into the upper Midwest.  I checked my radios at 10:45 a.m. to find no skip, only to return at 12:37 p.m. to realize there had been FM Es since 11:05 a.m. into Michigan and Minnesota, based on unattended recordings.  I left my radio recording on 89.3, a frequency typically occupied by local 89.3 WPFW Washington, DC @ 50kw, 21 miles, but WPFW being on low power for the past week or so made 89.3 a perfect Es frequency today.  While I was away from my radios, I picked up relog 89.3 KCMP (with HD Radio decoded), as well as new logs WTLI, KRSW and WGNB.  The opening, when I started to actively DX at 12:37 p.m., had a MUF of 101.7 FM and although signals were sparse and overall weak, I did manage to log 6 new FM signals, all in the non-comm band.  This was surprising, since typical openings into the MN/ND/SD/MI area usually bring in the same relogs regardless of opening.  The Es left FM at 1:15 p.m., or at least 130 minutes.  The RDS screenshots have been added to the RDS/HD Radio Screenshots page.  Audio files were added to the Audio Files page and my FM DX Log was also updated with the new logs below.

@ = new log

88.1 KVSC St. Cloud, MN, 987 miles (“KVSC”) RDS hit
88.3 unID NPR
88.7 KFBN Fargo, ND, 1157 miles (“KFBN”)
88.9 @ KNSR Collegeville, MN, 1000 miles (“Minnesota Public Radio”) RDS hit
89.3 KCMP Northfield, MN, 913 miles (“89-3 The Current”) HD Radio, over local WPFW on low power

89.3 @ KRSW Worthington, MN, 1031 miles (“Classical MPR”) over local WPFW on low power

89.3 @ WTLI Battle Creek Township, MI, 591 miles (“Michigan’s Positive Hits, Smile FM”) over local WPFW on low power

89.3 @ WGNB Zeeland, MI, 539 miles (program ID) over local WPFW on low power

89.3 WDLM East Moline, IL, 725 miles (legal ID) over local WPFW on low power

89.9 @ KKWE White Earth, MN, 1100 miles (“KKWE Niijii Radio”)

90.3 @ KJSD Watertown, SD, 1100 miles (“South Dakota Public Broadcasting”)
90.3 KCCD Moorhead, MN, 1125 miles (“Minnesota Public Radio”)
90.7 KBPR Branierd, MN, 1023 miles (“Minnesota Public Radio”)
92.9 unID CHR (suspect KYYY Bismarck, ND)
93.5 KSCR Benson, MN, 1042 miles (local ads)
93.7 WDAY Fargo, ND, 1309 miles (“Y93”)
94.1 KSDN Aberdeen, SD, 1181 miles (“94.1 The Rock”)
95.3 KDJS Willmar, MN, 1022 miles (“Hot Country K95.3”)
98.9 unID religious
100.1 unID commercials
100.9 unID commercials
101.7 unID commercials

Woodbridge, VA FM18

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