Tr opening 7/20/13. 1 new FM log.

new-post-fmtrA new translator has popped up in the area, 97.5 W249BE Alexandria, VA.  The station, at 15 watts, is very weak at my home and is expected to increase power to 200 watts soon according to posts on, possibly ruining 97.5 FM as a DX frequency (I’ll update here if it does).  As of now, the station can be barely heard under strong tropo from 97.5 WKTT Salisbury, MD @ 91 miles and 97.5 WLTF Martinsburg, WV @ 70 miles.  Since the translator was formerly on 97.7 FM, its call letters are temporary and are expected to change soon.

New log:

97.5 W249BE Alexandria, VA, 5 miles (“WTNT 730 and 102.9 FM”)