Es opening 7/14/13.

new-post-fmesDallas-area FMs were heard in Northern Virginia during a short Sporadic E opening on July 14.  Based on unattended recordings on 89.9 FM, the skip started at 10:46 a.m..  I manned my radios starting at 11:07 a.m.  The skip left FM at 11:27 a.m., or at least 41 minutes with a MUF of 104.5 FM.  Interestingly, although Dallas-area stations 97.9 KBFB and 98.7 KLUV are common relogs, today marked the first time I received their HD Radio streams, the latter over local 98.7 WMZQ, which also runs HD Radio.  There were no new logs from the July 14 opening.

89.1 unID ccm
89.9 KLSA Alexandria, LA, 991 miles (legal ID)
90.5 unID religious over local WJYJ
92.9 unID country
92.9 unID easy listening
93.5 unID classic rock
94.5 unID commercials
94.9 KLTY Arlington, TX, 1180 miles (“94.9 KLTY”)
96.7 unID bluegrass
96.7 WBAP Flower Mound, TX, 1183 miles (“WBAP”)
97.5 unID CHR
97.7 unID classic rock
97.9 KBFB Dallas, TX, 1180 miles (HD hit)
98.7 KLUV Dallas, TX, 1180 miles over local WMZQ (HD hit)
99.9 unID classic rock
100.5 unID commercials
101.3 unID country
102.5 unID country
102.5 unID classic rock
103.1 KVJM Hearne, TX, 1216 miles (spanish)
104.5 unID urban, suspect KKDA