Es opening 7/8/13. 2 new logs. (updated)

2013-post-esUpdate: Upon going over unattended recordings, I found a second new log: 90.7 WWOZ.

A fairly good Es opening was heard in the morning on July 8.  I entered my shack at 10:38 a.m. to find RDS on my Denon TU-1500RD tuner from WWNO 89.9, and Es into LA.  Unattended recording on 89.9 shows the skip started at 10:19 a.m.  Signals from FL and TX poured in soon afterward, with the opening ending in the Tyler, TX and Shreveport, LA areas at 11:43 a.m, or 84 minutes.  The MUF of the opening was 105.7 FM.  Although the station selection was fairly typical for openings into the TX/LA region, this one was distinct in that there were many first-time RDS decodes from relogs which I’ve received dozens of times before without the service.  There was one HD Radio decode from this opening, 101.9 WLMG, which was previously received in HD.  The RDS screenshots, seen after the jump below, have been added to the RDS & HD Radio Screenshots page.  All audio files have been added to the Audio page.  My DX Log has been updated with the results from today’s opening.

New logs:

90.5 KZFT Fannett, TX, 1135 miles (“KZFT”) over local WJYJ

90.7 WWOZ New Orleans, LA, 945 miles (local info)

Relogs and unIDs:

88.7 unID reggae show
88.9 unID K-Love, suspect KKDU El Dorado, AR
89.1 unID ccm
89.1 unID Family Life Radio, suspect KFLO Blanchard, LA
89.5 unID Air 1 station, suspect KITA Iota, LA
89.9 WWNO New Orleans, LA, 945 miles, RDS
90.3 unID talk
90.3 unID classical
90.3 unID smooth jazz
90.5 unID AFR
91.1 unID ccm
91.3 WMPN Jackson, MS, 845 miles (“Mississippi Public Radio”) RDS
91.3 KGLY Tyler, TX, 1100 miles (“KGLY”)
91.7 unID NPR
92.1 KROI Seabrook, TX, 1212 miles (“News 92 FM”)
92.3 WRKN Laplace, LA, 974 miles (“Rock 92-3”)
92.1 WZEW Fairhope, AL, 834 miles (“92 Zoo”)
92.9 KHLA Jennings, LA, 1070 miles (“92-9 The Lake)” RDS
93.5 unID talk
94.1 unID CHR
94.1 unID country
94.5 KSMB Lafayette, LA, 1024 miles (“94-5 KSMB”)
94.9 WGUO Reserve, LA, 984 miles (“The New Gumbo 94.9”)
95.3 KFRO Gilmer, TX, 1072 miles (local ads)
95.7 unID talk
96.1 KYKZ Lake Charles, LA, 1082 miles (“Kix 96”)
96.1 KKTX Kilgore, TX, 1082 miles (“96X”)
96.5 unID commercials
96.7 KCIL Gray, LA, 998 miles (“C96.7 KCIL”)

96.7 KOYE Frankston, TX, 1117 miles (“La Invasora 96.7 y 99.3)
96.9 KXBJ El Campo, TX, 1284 miles (“KSBJ”) RDS
97.5 KFNC Beaumont, TX, 1156 miles (sports)

98.9 KTUX Carthage, TX, 1035 miles (“99X”)
101.7 KXGJ Bay City, TX, 1277 miles (spanish)
101.9 WLMG New Orleans, LA, 945 miles (“Magic 101.9”) RDS and HD Radio
102.1 unID commercials with Texas heard
103.3 KJOJ Freeport, TX, 1250 miles (spanish)
104.9 unID urban
105.7 unID country