Es opening 7/3/13. 3 new FM logs.

2013-post-esAfter a 10-day lull, FM Es returned to Northern Virginia with a short-lived opening into Florida, Alabama and southern Georgia–a rare state for FM Es.  The opening started at 7:08 p.m. and disappeared at 7:53 p.m., or 45 minutes with a MUF of 105.3 FM.  Signals were sparse and the few that I had were fairly strong.  My FM DX Log has been updated with the new logs, and Audio Files have been added to the Audio Files page.

@ = new

89.3 unID NPR over local WPFW
89.9 unID CCM
91.7 unID NPR
92.3 WWKA Orlando, FL, 731 miles (“K92”)
92.9 unID country
92.9 WBLX Mobile, AL, 810 miles (local ads)
93.5 unID AC
93.7 unID sports

95.7 @ WQPW Valdosta, GA, 640 miles (“95.7 The Mix”)
95.7 classic rock

96.7 @ WGOV Valdosta, GA, 644 miles (“V96”)
97.5 unID gospel
98.5 unID gospel

102.7 @ WXHT Madison, FL, 656 miles (local ads)
105.3 unID urban AC