Tr opening 6/28/13. 1 new FM log.

2013-post-trI logged a translator that I didn’t think I’d ever pick up in Northern Virginia early June 28: 97.5 W248AO in Baltimore.  The station, which relays the city’s 106.5 WWMX HD2 and IDs as “HFS 97-5,” is 250 watts and runs the latest iteration of a heritage DC and Baltimore-area rock station, WHFS, which was originally logged on 99.1 FM (currently occupied by WNEW Bowie, MD).  This is also a monumental logging because 97.5 FM is a huge tropo pest signal, with typically WKTT-Salisbury or WWWV-Charlottesville always in strong on the frequency.  My FM DX Log has been updated with W248AO, and you can hear my audio recording of the station below.

97.5 W248AO Baltimore, MD, 56 miles (“HFS 97-5”)