2 new HD Radio FM screenshots added

2013-post-trBaltimore FM radio stations, about 56 miles to the northeast, are typically easy to pick up here in Northern Virginia, even though most of the city’s frequencies are short-spaced to my Washington locals  (i.e. 105.7 Baltimore and 105.9 DC; 106.5 Baltimore and 106.7 in DC, 106.3 translator in N.VA; 104.3 in Baltimore and 104.1 DC, 104.5 N.VA).  So, understandably, HD Radio decodes are difficult to pick up from the Baltimore FM stations as the sidebands that would carry the stations’ IBOC signal are local frequencies with strong FM signals.  Thanks to minor tropo enhancement last night, I was able to decode HD Radio from Baltimore’s 105.7 WJZ and 106.5 WWMX for the first time since getting the Sony XDR-F1HD radio in 2008.  I have added the screenshots below to the FM RDS & HD Radio Screenshots page, which has all of my RDS and IBOC decode screenshots.

105.7 WJZ Baltimore, MD, 56 miles, 6/26/13

106.5 WWMX Baltimore, MD, 56 miles, 6/26/13