Es opening 6/23/13. 1 RDS screenshot added. (updated)

2013-post-esUpdate 6/23/13: Added ’round 2′ of FM Es, which returned after my initial post today.

Who would’ve thought–its June and there was FM Es!  After a 16-day lull (21 if you don’t consider the 8 or so minutes of wimpy FM Es I had on 6/7 as a true opening), FM Es returned to Northern Virginia, this time into Texas.  Although signals were weak overall, a high MUF of 106.9 was observed.  I was not at my radio when the skip was first observed here, according to unattended recordings on 97.5, at 1:20 p.m.  The skip dipped out of FM 10 minutes later and returned when I was manning my radios at 1:54 p.m.  It then remained in FM, bringing in Dallas-area signals except for a 18-minute break, until 2:53 p.m.  The Es then returned with a MUF of 106.9 again at 4:36 p.m., this time bringing in much of the Houston-area radio dial instead, before leaving at 5:24 p.m. with a grand total of 119 minutes of FM Es.  The RDS screenshot after the jump from KKBQ has been added to the HD / RDS Screenshots page.

Stations received between 1:54 p.m. and 2:53 p.m.:

88.1 KNTU McKinney, TX, 1168 miles (“88.1 The One”)
89.5 unID religious
91.3 unID religious
92.9 KVRE Hot Springs Village, AR, 917 miles (“KVRE” ID heard in commercials)
93.5 unID AC
93.7 unID spanish, suspect KNOR
94.5 unID commercials
96.7 unID talk, suspect WBAP
97.5 KQUS Hot Springs, AR, 927 miles
98.3 unID spanish, suspect KBOC
98.5 unID AC
99.9 KWCK Searcy, AR, 838 miles (“Quick 99.9”)
100.7 KWRD Highland Village, TX (Focus on the Family program)
101.7 KYDA Azle, TX, 1183 miles (“Air 1”)
101.7 unID country
104.9 KZMP Pilot Point, TX, 1151 miles (Asian music)
105.3 KQOR Mena, AR, 985 miles (“KQOR”)
105.7 KRNB Dallas, TX, 1180 miles (local ads)
106.1 KKBI Broken Bow, OK, 1018 miles (“Best Country 106”)
106.9 unID commercials

Stations received between 4:26 p.m. and 5:24 p.m.

91.5 unID religious relaying 105.7 KHCB.  Could be one of 3 stations.
92.3 unID country
92.9 KKBQ Houston, TX, 1214 miles (“93Q”)
93.1 KQID Alexandria, LA, 972 miles (local ads)
93.5 KBPC Crockett, TX, 1161 miles (“Pine Country 93.5”)
95.7 KKHH Houston, TX, 1214 miles (“Hot 95-7”)
96.1 unID AC
96.7 unID spanish, suspect KOYE
97.5 KFNC Beaumont, TX, 1156 mi (“ESPN Radio”)
97.9 unID urban, suspect KBXX
98.9 unID rock, suspect KTUX
98.9 unID country
99.9 KTEZ Zwolle, LA, 1034 mi (“KTEZ 99.9”)
100.7 unID country
101.7 unID country
101.7 unID spanish suspect KXGJ
105.3 unID spanish
105.7 KHCB Houston, TX, 1214 mi (“KHCB”)
105.7 unID commercials
106.9 KHPT Conroe, TX, 1181 mi, HD flicker but no calls displayed (local ads)