Analog TV and DTV DX Screenshots combined on one new page; 8 new screenshots added

sitelogo_61513I decided to combine my analog and digital TV screenshots onto one page, accessible at or by choosing ‘TV Screenshots’ from the ‘FM / TV Screenshots’ menu at the top.  This change makes it easier to find all of my screenshots and it also provides an interesting before-and-after look at how U.S. television has evolved before, during and after the 2009 DTV transition.

I also found the original (non-resized) screenshots for several of my older analog screenshots and redone them to make them as clear as possible.  Even better, I’ve found the following analog screenshots from the past 14 years that I did not include in the old page, so they are new!  View all new screenshots after the jump:

2 WMAR Baltimore, MD, 6/22/04, 56 miles, Tropo

3 KYW Philadelphia, PA, 7/13/08, 144 miles, Tropo

6 WTVR Richmond, VA, 3/30/99, 87 miles, Tropo

11 WBAL Baltimore, MD, 2004, 56 miles, Tropo

13 WJZ Baltimore, MD, 12/20/04, 56 miles, Tropo

38.1 (13.1) WJZ-DT Baltimore, MD, 4/10/05, 56 miles, Tropo

45 WBFF Baltimore, MD, 8/15/01, 56 miles, Tropo

54 WNUV Baltimore, MD, 8/15/01, 56 miles, Tropo