Tr opening 6/20/13. 6 new HD / RDS decodes and 2 audio files added from FM relogs.

2013-post-trA great Tr opening which brought in 3 new DTV stations on June 20 also brought in HD Radio and RDS decodes for the first time from 5 relogs.  All audio files were added to the Audio page while the screenshots were added to the HD / RDS Screenshots page, where you can find more of both, respectively.  Or, see all of the new ones below after the jump.

whrx2 whrx
90.1 WHRX Nassawadox, VA, 108 miles tropo over local WCSP

92.7 WBNK Pine Knoll Shores, NC, 265 miles over local WWXT

96.9 WBZJ Goldsboro, NC, 231 miles

99.9 WCMC Holly Springs, NC, 218 miles tropo

103.3 WMGV Newport, NC, 245 miles

104.9 WFMZ Hertford, NC, 182 miles

106.5 WSFL New Bern, NC, 251 miles