Tr opening 6/19/13. 1 new DTV log, 2 DTV screenshots added.

post-tvtrUpdate 6/21/13:  I have replaced the screenshots below of WUPV-DT with better, less-garbled ones on the Digital TV Screenshots page.  I’ll keep the originally-uploaded picture here to serve as proof of its first logging.

Minimal tropo enhancement brought in new log 47.1 (virtual channel 65.1) WUPV-DT Ashland, VA at 64 miles.  Although I received WUPV many times in its analog days on TV 65, this is the first time I ever received its DTV signal.  The two screenshots below have been added to the TV Screenshots page.  My TV DX Log has also been updated.

New log:

47 WUPV-DT Ashland, VA, 64 miles, CW

New screenshots added (more after the jump):

47.1 (65.1) WUPV-DT Ashland, VA, 6/19/13, 64 miles, tropo

47.2 (65.2) WUPV-DT Ashland, VA, 6/19/13, 64 miles, tropo