Es opening 5/29/13. 3 new logs.

post-fmtvesThe first substantial Es opening of 2013 was observed on May 29, in two separate openings to the same general area.  Skip started at 3:58 p.m. with 92.3 KFTI in Kansas coming in, followed with several other signals until 4:12 p.m. with a MUF of 92.9 FM.  I had a DTV pilot show a signal on channel 2, but nothing was decoded.  I suspected, given other signals received, that I got KNOP 2 North Platte, NE, but I can’t confirm it.  FM Es returned at 6:52 p.m. with new log 92.7 KBRB and shot up to 106.3 FM, the highest MUF to date this year.  It stayed in FM until 7:50 p.m., for a total of 72 minutes.  Signals, overall, were strong and sustained for more than 10 seconds (unlike previous openings this year) but sparse.  Regardless, it has been the best opening in the 2013 Es season so far.

Here’s the DTV pilot showing on TV 2 without a decode.  A decode would’ve either shown a full picture and/or display calls above the ‘NO SIGNAL’ bar.  Click to enlarge picture.

@ = new log

Stations received:

89.1 KMUW Wichita, KS, 1087 miles, RDS hit
89.1 KHNE Hastings, NE, 1113 miles, “NET Radio”
89.5 unID classical
90.5 unID classical
92.3 KFTI Newton, KS, 1089 miles, “Classic Country 92.3”
92.3 KEZO Omaha, NE, 1003 miles, local ads

92.7 @ KBRB Ainsworth, NE, 1209 miles “KBRB Ainsworth” over local WWXT
92.9 unID country
93.5 unID sports
97.7 KBBX Nebraska City, NE, 1012 miles, spanish, area Es
98.1 unID country
98.5 unID rock

100.7 KGBI Omaha, NE, 1007 miles, “KGBI”
102.5 @ KZSD Martin, SD, 1302 miles, public radio

104.9 @ KCTY Emerson, NE, 1066 miles, “Big Red Country 104-9”
105.3 KNOD Harlan, IA, 970 miles, local ads
105.7 KSUX Winnebago, NE, 1040 miles, “105.7 K-Sioux”
106.3 unID hot AC