TV DXing resumes with DTV converter box addition

WJLA-DT 7 via the Insignia DTT-901 converter box.  Click to enlarge.

WJLA-DT 7 via the Insignia DTT-901 converter box. Click to enlarge.

I am now, once again, able to DX television signals with the addition of the Zenith DTT-901 digital converter box and other related equipment to my DX shack.  The DTT-901 easily decodes incoming DTV signals and will list signals received while I am away from my shack if left parked on an open channel.  This will come in handy as there are no local television transmitters on TV channels 2-5.

I also added a Panasonic DMR-HS2 DVD recorder to my shack to accompany my new DTV DXing capabilities.  The DVD recorder, which I’ve owned since 2003, will be used to record all DTV DX, utilizing its built-in 40GB hard drive, which acts much like a TiVo or cable DVR.

I largely quit DXing digital and analog TV in 2009 after the U.S. DTV transition. I purchased a Hauppauge Win TV-D digital tuner card in 2004, but a 2006 computer upgrade rendered the card unusable due to an incompatible operating system (Windows Vista).  In 2008, I purchased a Samsung LNT-4042H 42” HDTV, and used it briefly in 2008-09 to DX DTV.  However, I quickly realized the television’s built-in DTV tuner proved to be impractical for DXing as it required a 45-minute channel scan before it could pick up any new signals.  I could only manually tune analog channels with the TV, meaning it wouldn’t tune in a DTV signal, even if it had a strong signal, without another 45-minute channel scan.

New DTV DX screenshots will be added frequently as stations are received to the TV Screenshots page.  Additionally, you can view all new DTV screenshot-related posts by hovering your mouse over the ‘Updates’ tab above, and then clicking on ‘DTV screenshots.’  You can view my analog and digital TV logs by visiting my DX Log page.

I have the DMR-HS2 recorder connected to my Samsung HDTV.


My shack page has been updated with the new current image of my setup, seen above.  The Zenith DTT-901 is seen under the clock with the blue light in the middle.

Here is the new wiring diagram for the above shack: