Es opening 5/10/13

2013-post-esThe May 10 opening started at 6:14 p.m. and had a MUF which constantly went into and out of FM.  The MUF for the total opening was 100.5 FM, although signals were typically below 96.1 FM.  Signals were weak and tropo-like but many were stable, including 92.9 KKXL and 96.1 KICX.  The Es was out of FM at 7:42 p.m, after a grand total of 88 minutes.

Relogs received:

89.3 KCMP Northfield, MN, 913 miles, HD Radio decode over local WPFW
91.7 KLSE Rochster, MN, 864 miles, “Minnesota Public Radio”
92.3 KXRA Alexandria, MN, 1052 miles, local ads for Alexandria concerts
92.9 KKXL Grand Forks, ND, 1177 miles RDS
92.9 KMXN Osage City, KS, 984 miles
93.5 KITN Worthington, MN, 1000 miles, mention of website
93.7 unID sports broadcast
96.1 KICX McCook, NE, 1250 miles, “96.1 KICX”
97.3 KRVY Starbuck, MN, 1047 miles, “97-3 The River”
97.5 unID rock music

97.5 KKCT Bismarck, ND, 1308 miles, “Hot 97.5” and mention of website
100.5 KIKN Salem, SD, 1099 miles, “100.5 Kickin Country”