Tr opening 5/5/13. 1 new log.

2013-post-trA fairly routine tropo opening into Norfolk, VA and the Outer Banks of NC early this morning netted 1 new log: 90.5 WBUX Buxton, NC, over local 90.5 WJYJ Fredericksburg, VA.  WJYJ’s signal has been staticy recently, and I noticed a faint classical signal coming in under WJYJ while aiming my antenna to the NE, away from WJYJ to the south.  After pinning down WBUX, a potential station which relays classical 89.7 WCPE Raleigh, NC, I listened to the WCPE webstream.  The audio matched WBUX for at least 10 minutes, confirming the reception of the station.

New log:

90.5 WBUX Buxton, NC, 253 miles tropo 5/5/13, over local WJYJ

I also recorded audio from the following relogs last night:

91.7 WBKU Ahoskie NC 178 miles tropo 5/5/13 (legal ID)

100.7 WRDU Rocky Mount NC 153 miles tropo 5/5/13 (“WRDU Classic Rock 100.7”)