FM Es opening 5/2/13

 2013-post-esThe first FM E-skip logging in 2013 was observed in Northern Virginia on May 2 at 4:29 PM EST.  Upon tuning to 92.9 FM, I heard the tail end of an eagle call (presumably part of station imaging), and then the start of a song which matched the webstream of 92.9 KTGL Beatrice, NE, relog @1044 miles, a station which identifies as “92-9 The Eagle.”  KTGL was in for about 30 seconds before fading into tropo scatter from relog 92.9 WVBW Suffolk, VA.  Although I did hear an unidentified signal fade up on 93.5 FM and a few lower frequencies, <130 mile tropo was coming in during the Es opening, so I can only say for certain that the MUF for this opening was 92.9 FM.