New radio added to my shack

pioneerWell, the radio is not necessarily new.  Last night, I added the Pioneer DEH-1400 car radio to my shack.  It was in use briefly between 2007-2009, but I put it in storage until it was re-hooked yesterday.  The radio, which is connected to a secondary 12′ FM antenna (unknown make/model) in my attic, will have its audio outputs going to a Sony MZ-N707 minidisc recorder for audio recording.  I plan on using the radio to record unattended Es during intense openings.  The attic antenna it is connected to is permanently aimed NE due to attic rafters, and thus receives staticy signals from local FM stations on 94.3, 99.1,100.3, 101.1, 101.5, 102.3 and 107.9.  This may come in handy for new logs if the attic antenna can get Es signals over locals while my main Sony XDR-F1HD and Denon TU1500RD radios, connected to a rooftop Radio Shack VU-90XR roof antenna, gets a strong signal from the same frequencies instead.  For more information on how this affects my shack setup and a new wiring diagram of my setup, please visit the shack page.