DXing tool Yes.com ceases operations

Message announcing Yes.com's closure.  Courtesy Rew.fm.
Message announcing Yes.com’s closure. Courtesy Rew.fm.

Update: A similar site to Yes.com that could be used is Tune Genie, however it isn’t as robust as Yes.com was.  Thanks to DXer Steve K3PHL for the link!

Yes.com, a website which several DXers (including myself) have used in recent years to aid IDing signals received, is now closed.  Upon going to the website, which formerly kept lists of last songs played for many U.S. radio stations, the message “We have discontinued YES.com to focus on our business customers and apologize for any inconvenience!” appears.  The website, which now directs to http://rew.fm/ advertises a new system with the website URL’s name.  Rew.fm seems to offer similar functionality, but is (as far as I can see) not available for free.  Personally, I’ve noticed Yes.com become unresponsive and repeatedly fail to list FM station song playlists in recent months.  Other stations on the former site also listed the same song multiple times instead of just once.  Maybe this change has been in the works for a while.