4 New RDS screenshots from relogs added

While in my car yesterday, I decoded RDS from four relogs.  I’ve received RDS from 88.1 WPRZ at home but only on the Denon TU-1500RD.  For 91.5 WBJC, after years of receiving a blank RDS readout from them, I finally see some text.  RDS decodes from 97.5 WLTF and 104.7 WAYZ are new for me.  The screenshots below have been added to the RDS/HD Screenshots page.

88.1 WPRZ Brandy Station, VA, 43mi, 4/18/13, Tropo

91.5 WBJC Baltimore, MD, 57mi, 4/18/13, Tropo

97.5 WLTF Martinsburg, WV, 70mi, 4/18/13, Tropo

104.7 WAYZ Hagerstown, MD, 72mi, 4/18/13, Tropo