Spring cleaning: Most of website redone

42413logoIn preparation for the 2013 Es season, I decided to do some well-overdue site maintenance, of which involved mostly of rewriting full sections of this website and moving some things around.  Broken or dead links on the right-side bar have also been fixed.  This post will help you find certain pages/items in their new locations and also know what I’ve done.

About DX:  I rewrote my introduction to the DX hobby for newcomers to be an all-inclusive guide to the hobby, complete with pictures, audio examples and detailed tips/advice.  Before, this page was a mishmash of propagation modes and brief tips on DXing.
Audio: As noted in a previous post, audio files are now back on the site and they are embedded (or in process of being added) to all applicable pages, posts and other places on this site.
Shack: The page showing my DX shack has been moved from the main menu bar of this site to the ‘Working Conditions’ section.  To access, click on ‘Working Conditions’ above or hover your mouse over it and click on ‘Shack’ from the drop-down menu.  Added to this page is mentions of the newly-acquired Insignia NS-HD01 radio.
Working Conditions: This page has been totally rewritten with new maps and the addition of a meteor scatter range portion among several other enhancements.
-Stats: I removed the separate Statistics page.  Statistics can be found on the DX Log page, under the log links.

Most pages on this site were written in 2010 when I transferred the site from a self-hosted Comcast.net page to the WordPress blog format.  However, some of the content on many pages dated back to 2007 and included outdated references, such as the ‘impending 2009 DTV transition’ and how to monitor for Es with an analog TV set (something impossible to do today in the US, save for DXers in range of Canada and Mexico).  Now, my DX site is modern and up-to-date.