FM DX Audio clips return to site

2013-post-audioAfter several years of not including audio of FM stations logged by E-skip, tropo and meteor scatter due to technical issues, I have brought back the Audio section of this website.  Click on the link, or on the ‘Audio’ tab at the top of the page to listen to DX IDs from the USA, Canada, the Bahamas, Bermuda and Mexico, with some recordings dating back to 1999.  I’m also in the process of embedding audio in previous posts of DX reports on this site, so stay tuned.  From here on, posts of new logs will have embedded audio, as seen below, if available.

New files added from 2013 from locals:

93.3 WFLS Fredericksburg, VA 26 miles tropo 4/12/13 (“93.3 WFLS”)

99.1 WNEW Annapolis, MD 39 miles tropo 4/12/13 (“All News 99-1”)

103.5 WTOP Washington, DC 21 miles tropo 4/12/13 (“WTOP”)

106.3 W240BH Gainesville, VA 10 miles tropo 4/12/13 (ID)

107.9 WLZL Annapolis, MD 39 miles tropo 4/12/13 (“El Zol 107.9”)