Tr 4/6/13: 1 new local signal logged

2013-post-trUPDATE 5/4/13: According to the WTFDA’s April 2013 eVUD, the signal’s new calls are W292EC.

It seems Northern Virginia has a new FM station on 106.3, a translator relaying WKDV 1460 out of Gainesville, VA.  The station, which has a Spanish format, has been noted on other websites, including DCRTV.  According to, the relay has the same calls as a former 95.9 FM relay in  Gainesville, W240BH.  However, given how the FCC assigns translator calls based on FM channel, these calls are likely to change.  So, as of now, I am tentatively logging this new signal as W240BH 106.3 as currently noted in the FCC database.  I’ll update the logging with the new calls when (and if) the FCC issues them.  Thankfully, W240BH is not a strong signal in my shack and I predict it would easily succumb to garden-variety Es, as well as common Tr pest 106.3 WCEM out of Cambridge, MD.

Click above to hear an ID from 106.3 W292EC Gainesville, VA.