HD Radio

UPDATE 4/11/13: It appears WPRS’ HD Radio signal has not been operational for the past two months, based on local reception.  Maybe there is some hope for the 2013 Es season!  It is peculiar how the station’s IBOC turns on and off at random.  Also strange, when the station broadcasts IBOC, there’s no RDS observed on their analog signal.  When IBOC is off, RDS is broadcasted and decoded.

Original post from 1/30/13: Upon scanning the dial tonight, I noticed the HD Radio on local 104.1 WPRS Waldorf, MD, 50kw @ 23 miles away, is operational after being off-air for over three years.  The station initially broadcasted IBOC with the other Washington, DC radio stations since 2006, but the station ceased its IBOC stream circa 2009, based on local reception.  Now, 103.9 and 104.3 FM has IBOC ‘white noise’ interference from WPRS’ HD sidebands.  This is an unfortunate setback for the 2013 E-skip and tropo seasons, as the aforementioned frequencies were great with Es reception in the previous few years with the absence of the white noise.  However, I have received a handful of stations over the sidebands when WPRS’ IBOC was operational before.  Hopefully the upcoming Es season will make up for this setback with 108 MHz Es openings in return.

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