After 35 days of no E-Skip at all in the usually-capable month of July, Es came back with a bang in Northern Virginia on July 24. Upon waking up at 10:30 a.m., I found Es up to 106.1 FM into Florida—an area not seen via Es at all this year. I had to run errands most of the day, but based on unattended recordings set to 92.3 FM and 97.9 FM, the Florida opening lasted strong until 12:30 p.m. with at least an MUF of 97.9.

Es took a dip for most of the day, but returned into FM at 5:30 p.m. with a MUF of 107.9 FM—the first time this year. Regularly-strong local stations started to disappear during the later opening. I found a spot where local FM signals were attenuated in my car, which allowed my first-ever Es in 13 years over local 104.1 and local 107.3. The 107.3 signal was an unID, unfortunately. Almost every free frequency seemed to have 4-5 stations fighting it out for the frequency, making IDing the stations very difficult—something I haven’t remembered experiencing since the rare 198 MHz-MUF opening of July 6, 2004.

The signals received during today’s openings were from random areas. I was getting a signal each from MI and WI as KS and OK signals were in, for example. It was the first time in about two years where I looked at my radio screen and truly had no idea what was coming in—usually I can somewhat predict what relogs would come in based on other Es signals heard.

All in all, it was a great opening in stark contrast with the 2012 Es season. It was like someone transplanted an opening from 2007 into this year.

New logs:
95.5 WLDI Juno Beach, FL, 818 miles, over local WPGC
97.9 WBBE Heyworth, IL, “97-9 Bob FM,” 635 miles
98.1 Z??? Nassau, Bahamas, 938 miles
99.1 WIKB Iron River, MI, “99.1 The Bull” – country, 770 miles, over local WNEW
99.7 KZLS Mustang, OK “99.7 True Oldies Channel” – oldies, 1148 miles

99.7 KANR Belle Plane, KS, spanish, 6:53 p.m.
101.5 WLYF Miami, FL, “101.5 Lite FM” – AC, 894 miles, over local WBQB
102.1 ZFM Freeport, Bahamas, area Es, 842 miles
102.3 WMBX Jensen Beach, FL “X102.3” – urban, 821 miles, over local WMMJ
103.1 KOFM Enid, OK, 1139 miles
103.9 KOMB Fort Scott, KS, “All Hit 103.9” – classic hits, 949 miles.
104.1 WZEE Wisconsin Dells, WI, 706 miles, over local WPRS
104.3 KBEQ Kansas City, MO, 925 miles
104.5 KFXJ Augusta, KS, “Wichita’s 104.5 The Fox” – classic rock , 1085 miles
105.1 WHQT Coral Gables, FL, 894 miles over local WAVA

105.3 KLSR Memphis, TX, 1315 miles
105.9 KLZR Lawrence, KS, 969 miles, over local WMAL
106.1 KXKU Lyons, KS, “Kix 106” – country, 1114 miles
106.5 KCQQ Davenport, IA, “Q106.5” – classic rock, 723 miles
107.9 KCLQ Lebanon, MO, 831 miles, over local WLZL

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis, MO, 711 miles (HD decoded)
89.1 KMUW Wichita, KS, 1087 miles
91.7 KOSU Stillwater, OK, 1130 miles
92.3 WCMQ Hialeah, FL, 906 miles
92.3 KEZO Omaha, NE, 1003 miles
92.3 KFTI Newton, KS, 1089 miles
92.3 KTTN Trenton, MO, 874 miles
92.7 WAVW Stuart, FL, 806 miles over local WWXT
92.9 WMFQ Ocala, FL, 717 miles
93.1 WFEZ Miami, FL, 894 miles
93.1 KHMY Pratt, KS, 1139 miles
93.5 WKEY Key West, FL, 1008 miles
93.9 WMIA Miami Beach, FL, 894 miles over local WKYS
94.1 KMXJ Amarillo, TX, 1370 miles
94.9 KGGO Des Moines, IA, 878 miles
95.7 KLKL Minden, LA, 1004 miles
96.1 WTMP Dade City, FL, 761 miles
96.5 WPOW Miami, FL, 894 miles
97.3 WFLC Miami, FL, 894 miles
97.9 WRMF Palm Beach, FL, 839 miles
97.9 KZBB Poteau, OK, 992 miles
97.9 KICK Palmyra, MO, 765 miles
98.3 WRTO Goulds, FL, 926 miles
99.1 WEDR Miami, FL, 894 miles over local WNEW
99.9 KTCS Fort Smith, AR, 992 miles
102.5 KIXQ Joplin, MO, 948 miles
105.7 KXKX Knob Noster, MO, 870 miles
105.7 KMCK Siloam Springs, AR, 948 miles

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