Es opening 6/19/12. 1 new log – #1700!

UPDATED 6/20/12: I completely forgot to go over my unattended recordings before posting online.  Post updated with 1 new log and other info from earlier unattended opening.

June 19 provided for a very weak and strange Es opening in Northern Virginia.  Es was in FM at about 5 p.m. and dipped out around 5:50 p.m., bringing in new log 92.1 KCVZ.  It came back at 6:45 p.m. with seldom fadeups on 91.3, 92.9 and 100.7 FM.  Although the band was seemingly dead save for the frequencies listed in this post, 96.7 WBAP seemed to come in continuously with very weak tropo quality for about an hour.  If it wasn’t for a peculiar ‘squeaky’ noise that accompanied the station’s signal, I would’ve thought I was getting a tropo pest from North Carolina, or something.  This opening was the fourth on record where regional Mid-Atlantic and northeast DXers in NJ, MA, CT received minimal signals while I got a few.  Usually, the band is open to 107.9 FM and I have one signal coming in.  MUF for the opening was 100.7 FM.

New logs:

92.1 KCVZ Dixon, MO, 808 miles, “Spirit FM” – ccm  LOG #1700!


92.3 KTTN Trenton, MO
94.9 KLTY Arlington, TX
96.7 WBAP Flower Mound, TX