Es opening 6/10/12 to 6/11/12. 2 new logs. Midnight Es!

UPDATED 6/11/12 12:25 a.m.: The Es returned at 11:58 p.m., bringing in 96.7 CILT, dipped out of FM for a while, then came back at 12:23-12:25 a.m., bringing in 97.5 CJKR–both stations received earlier, as well as an unID French signal on 89.9.  This is the first midnight Es received locally since 6/26/07.

The 6/10/12 Es opening was one of the rare ones which the bulk of the signals came in from the middle band, with (at one point) nothing below 93.7 coming in.  I’ve only seen this in a few times.  Skip was into North Dakota and Manitoba, and although it could have been due to sparse signals over a large skip zone, there are relogs <92.1 which should have popped in but didn’t.  The signals, save for 97.5 CJKR, were fairly weak, but the opening was respectable clocking in at 1 hour, 14 minutes, between 8:56 p.m. and 10:10 p.m.  MUF was at 104.3 FM but most signals were below 102.5 FM.

New logs:
89.9 CKSB Winnipeg, MB, 1255 mi, french

94.9 KTZU Velva, ND, 1363 mi, “94-9 The Zoo” – classic rock


92.1 CJQQ Timmins, ON
93.5 CJEL Winkler, MB
93.7 WDAY Fargo, ND
96.7 CILT Steinbach, MB
97.5 KDKK Park Rapids, MN

97.5 CJKR Winnipeg, MB
97.9 KFNW Fargo, ND
102.5 KDVL Devils Lake, ND

Several unIDs, including a French signal on 91.1 FM, have been posted on the WTFDA forum here.

New logs have been added to my DX Log page.
Screenshots from all stations above have been added to the Woodbridge, VA FM Screenshots page.