Es opening 6/4/12

Locally, good E-skip openings typically show up about a dozen times each year in the late morning and early evening hours during two months of the year.  I miss about 3 good openings a year, usually the daytime ones as I am typically available to DX the evening ones.  As you can imagine, it is frustrating to come home to find out you missed a huge opening when there’s not many to go around to begin with.  Well, that happened to me today–the second time this year.  Es was received on my two radios, recording 89.9 and 96.7 FM unattended, between 10:53 a.m. and 2:33 p.m., with almost the entire 1:30-2:30 p.m. hour full of crystal-clear signals.  Of course, I was free to DX all day this weekend, yet the band remained dead.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get in one good opening by the end of the week!

Relogs received;
89.9 WWNO New Orleans, LA
89.9 KDAQ Shreveport, LA
96.7 KCIL Gray, LA
96.7 WBAP Flower Mound, TX
96.7 KOYE Frankston, TX