Tr opening 5/30/12 to 5/31/12. 1 new log.

troponewI received my first new FM log of 2012 today, and it was unexpected.  I was receiving the usual Norfolk, VA and Eastern Shore Maryland FM signals that always come in via Tropo, until I tuned past local 91.9 WGTS–a station which doesn’t run HD radio.  While WGTS was coming in strong, I saw the HD indicator on my Sony XDR-F1HD light up, followed by a decode of new log 91.9 WHRE from Eastville, VA @ 115 miles, 4.4 kw.

But that wasn’t all.  I also received HD radio from relog WHRO 90.3 Norfolk,VA and WWDE 101.3 Hampton, VA.  Both stations are common tropo signals here, but I have never received either of their HD signals until today.

HD radio from relog WHRV 89.5 Norfolk also came in like it occasionally does, but this time around I noticed they added the “-FM” to the callsign display.  Previously, it just said “WHRV      89.5 MHz”

Finally, I tuned past semi-local 102.9 WKIK California, MD @ 40 miles and saw they added RDS to their station.

Additionally, relog WAMS 101.1 Snow Hill, MD @ 109 miles overpowered local WWDC 101.1 Washington, DC @ 25 miles with full-quieting stereo. something which has never happened before.  Typically, WAMS just barely overpowers WWDC.  It made me check the internet to ensure WWDC didn’t change formats since the signal was so strong.

New logs have been added to my DX Log page.
Screenshots from all stations above have been added to the Woodbridge, VA FM Screenshots page.