Miscellaneous page updates 2/5/12

We’re more than halfway through the off-season for E-skip here in Northern Virginia, and I figured it was time to do some very early pre-spring cleaning on various pages throughout the site.  Among the updates are as follows:

-> Local FM stations page: three local FM format changes:
::: 99.1 from Spanish WLZL to news WNEW.
::: 105.9 from classic rock WVRX to conservative talk radio WMAL.
::: 107.9 from religious WFSI to Spanish WLZL.

-> Woodbridge, VA FM Screenshots page: new HD radio from local 105.9 WMAL, which recently changed formats and callsigns.

-> Shack: two new car radio pictures added: my current car radio, and the one used from 1999-2006, as seen below.

Honda stock car radio used, 2011-current.

Honda stock car radio used: 1999-2006.