Great Tr opening 10/9/11. 5 new logs.

It is a rare treat that a ‘regular’ tropo opening (with signals in over 200 miles) occurs here in Northern Virginia.  When it does–usually once a year–I always get the same, tired relogs from Norfolk, Raleigh and Coastal North Carolina.  It is a more coveted reward to get 1 new station out of these openings, let alone 5 new logs, like I did on October 9.  What surprised me was how weak some of these new logs were, for example, one log was 450 watts.  And, two were heard over local signals, one of them (92.7) with full quieting stereo.  On top of the new logs, I received new RDS and HD Radio decodes from relogs, seen further down in this post and on the RDS/HD Screenshots page.

New logs:

89.1 WNIA Tarboro, NC, 191 miles, 950 watts, 6:45 a.m., “89.1 Big Bang Radio” – college, with ID and ads from Nash Community College
89.9 WHRJ Gloucester, VA, 109 miles, 450 watts, 3:10 a.m., “WHRO” – classical, //WHRO 90.3 Norfolk in at same time
92.7 WBNK Pine Knoll Shores, NC, 265 miles, 11.5 kw, 2:48 a.m. “92.7 The Big Fish” – ccm, over local WWXT

99.9 WCMC Holly Springs, NC, 218 miles, 26.5 kw, 5:18 a.m. “ESPN Radio” – sports

101.1 WQZL Belhaven, NC, 234 miles, 31 kw, 5:40 a.m. “Rock 105 & 101” – rock, over local WWDC

New RDS/HD Radio screenshots from relogs:

94.5 WRVQ Richmond, VA @ 87 miles (new HD display minus “-FM”)

100.9 WHTI Lakeside, VA @ 70 miles

102.5 WERX Columbia, NC @ 196 miles

102.7 WJJX Appomattox, VA @ 126 miles

105.3 WVMA Norfolk, VA @ 135 miles (new call letters seen on HD display)

106.5 WSFL New Bern, NC @ 251 miles