Es opening 7/11/11. 5 new logs.

The July 11 Es opening in Northern Virginia shot up to the middle FM band with very little build-up, unlike most openings this season.  Mississippi and Louisiana signals started to come in around 7 p.m., and Texas signals were also heard before the opening subsided about exactly an hour later.  MUF for the opening was 106.3 FM.

This opening was characterized by weak-ish signals that typically stayed in for a few minutes at a time, fading right before identification.

New logs:
96.7 KCIL Gray, LA, 998mi, 7:54 p.m. “C96.7 KCIL” – country
100.9 KHLL Richwood, LA, 936mi, 7:19 p.m. “The Hill” – ccm
102.3 WIQQ Leland, MS, 849mi, 7:06 p.m. “Q102” – CHR, over local WMMJ, 1650 watts!
103.9 KTHP Hemphill, TX, 1060mi, 7:15 p.m. “103.9 Classic Country” – classic country
106.3 WZLD Petal, MS, 832mi, 7:08 p.m., urban, area Es


88.7 KRVS Lafayette, LA, 1033mi
92.3 WRKN Laplace, LA, 974mi
92.9 KHLA Jennings, LA, 1070mi
94.1 KQXY Beaumont, TX, 1119mi
94.5 KRUF Shreveport, LA, 1021mi
94.5 KTBZ Houston, TX, 1200mi
96.1 KRVE Brusly, LA, 962mi
96.1 KKTX Kilgore, TX, 1082mi
97.3 KQHN Waskom, TX, 1019mi
97.9 KZBB Poteau, OK, 992mi
98.9 KTUX Carthage, TX, 1035mi
101.9 KSML Huntington, TX, 1102mi
102.7 KTXJ Jasper, TX, 1080mi
102.9 KVMA Shreveport, LA, 965mi