E-skip opening 7/3/11. 10 new logs.

The June 3 e-skip opening was the best so one so far in the 2011 Es season to date here in Northern Virginia.  Strong, stable signals filled the opening like many in previous years.  I wouldn’t call this a ‘blockbuster’ opening by any means, but it definitely broke the ‘spell’ of weak-ish Es openings that I’ve been receiving this year that would have weak, sparse signals <94.9 FM.  What really surprised me about this opening was the amount of HD Radio decodes–some right over locals.

The opening started around 7:35 p.m. with stations all over Florida booming in.  It moved through Mississippi and Alabama, ending at 9:05 p.m. in Louisiana.  MUF for the entire opening was 106.5 FM.

I also have an unID 104.9 urban station that I suspect is WHTF from Florida, based on my other logs.  You can hear the clip on the WTFDA forum here.

New logs:

89.1 KVDP Dry Prong, LA, 989mi, legal ID
94.5 WFLF Parker, FL, 762mi, area Es

94.9 WKSJ Mobile, AL, 810mi, “95 KSJ” – country
95.1 WQNZ Natchez, MS, 938mi, RDS hit
96.1 WTMP Dade City, FL, 761mi, area Es
96.7 WCKK Walnut Grove, MS, “96.7 Kicks 96” – country
97.3 WFMN Flora, MS, 846mi, syndicated programming match

102.3 WTRS Dunnellon, FL, 717mi, “Thunder Country 102.3” – country, over local WMMJ

104.7 WAAZ Crestview, FL, 759mi, country

106.5 WCTQ Sarasota, FL, “Home Grown Country 106-5 CTQ” – country


88.1 WMAW Meridian, MS, 803mi

88.9 WMAU Bude, MS, 913mi

92.3 WWKA Orlando, FL, 731mi

92.5 WQST Forest, MS, 810mi
92.7 WBKL Clinton, LA, 950mi over local WWXT

92.9 WBLX Mobile, AL, 810mi
92.9 WIKX Charlotte Harbor, FL, 862mi
93.1 WFEZ Miami, FL, 894mi

93.7 WUSD Fairmont, AL, 720mi
94.1 WLLD Lakeland, FL, 809mi

94.3 WZZR Riviera Beach, FL, 838mi over local WWXX
94.5 WARO Naples, FL, 890mi

94.9 WTNT Tallahassee, FL, 685mi
94.9 WMGE Miami Beach, FL, 894mi

95.1 WAPE Jacksonville, FL, 628mi

97.3 WSKY Micanopy, FL, 694mi
97.3 KMDL Kaplan, LA, 1027mi

97.5 WABB Mobile, AL, 814mi
97.9 WXTB Clearwater, FL, 790mi

98.7 WSJT Holmes Beach, FL, 813mi over local WMZQ

99.5 WQYK St. Petersburg, FL, 798mi over local WIHT
99.7 WJMI Jackson, MS, 854mi
99.3 WLRQ Cocoa, FL, 744mi

99.9 KTDY Lafayette, LA, 1011mi
100.5 WRTM Port Gibson, MS, 890mi

100.7 WJLQ Pensacola, FL, 810mi
100.9 WXJZ Gainesville, FL, 687mi

102.5 WHPT Sarasota, FL, 801mi
105.5 WSBZ Miramar Beach, FL, 768mi