Meteor scatter ping from 92.9 KGRC Hannibal, MO

new-post-fmmsA well-placed meteor scatter reflection from 92.9 KGRC Hannibal, MO was heard in Virginia on Nov. 8.  The station, which was previously heard several times since 2004 via Sporadic E, made it for the first time via meteor scatter at 5:29 a.m.

92.9 KGRC Hannibal, MO, 11/8/13, 760 miles (“Real 92-9″)

kgrcKGRC’s audio file has been added to my Audio Files page, where you can find hundreds of other DX audio recordings.

Tr opening 10/15/13. 1 new FM log. SC ‘tropo wall’ broken!

new-post-fmtrFor the second time in 14 years, a South Carolina FM signal has made it through the proverbial SC ‘iron curtain’ and was received in Northern Virginia.  I recently wrote about the phenomenon of the NC/SC state line being the southernmost point I can get DX from.  At 11:06 a.m., 92.9 WEGX Dillon, SC came in fairly strong for about 25 minutes.

92.9 WEGX Dillon, SC, 10/15/13, 318 miles, (“Today’s Country, Eagle 92.9″)

wegxWEGX’s audio file has been added to my Audio Files page, where you can find hundreds of other DX audio recordings.  My FM DX log has also been updated with WEGX’s logging.

Tr opening 10/9/13. 1 new FM log.

new-post-fmtrLate on Oct. 9, The northeast United States has experienced a very strong tropo duct, with some DXers in Massachusetts and eastern Pennsylvania getting signals up to 500 miles into West Virginia, western Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. Being in the Midatlantic region, I largely missed out on the opening due to being too far south.  However, I found a surprise while going over unattended recordings.  At 10:57 p.m., I picked up a new station on 92.9 FM, WMGS Wilkes-Barre, PA with a clear legal ID as “Magic 93.”  The station was in and out during the 10 p.m. hour without any other area signals coming in.  Click on the player below to hear WMGS’ reception:

92.9 WMGS Wilkes-Barre, PA, 10/9/13, (legal ID).

Wilkes-Barre is a rare town to hear FM signals from here in Virginia.  In 14 years, I’ve only logged their local 102.7 WKSB and 104.1 WAEB once each in previous years.  Local 104.1 WXGG Waldorf, MD was off-air pending a station sale when WAEB was received.

wmgsWMGS’ audio file has been added to my Audio Files page, where you can find hundreds of other DX audio recordings.  My FM DX log has also been updated with WMGS’ logging.

New meteor scatter ping from 92.9 WEZF Burlington, VT

new-post-fmmsI’m not sure if this is meteor scatter, airplane scatter or tropo.  Below is a clip from relog 92.9 WEZF Burlington, VT @ 465 miles at 9:42 a.m. Oct. 9.  In it, you hear a mention of Della Mitsubishi in Plattsburgh, NY, followed by an ID of WEZF as “Star 92.9.”  Typically, I’d consider this meteor scatter due to the distance and a very rough signal path via tropo due to mountains.  WEZF has also been received via meteor scatter several times in the past month, so picking them up is nothing new.  However, the continual fading sounds a lot like airplane scatter or tropo.  Click on the player below to hear the file:

92.9 WEZF Burlington, VT @ 465 miles, 10/9/13 (local ads, station ID).

wezfThere have been reports on the WTFDA email list of tropo from NJ into SC at over 500 miles at about the same time on Oct. 9, so there is a slight chance a freak tropo duct could’ve opened up from Vermont to Virginia for a very brief amount of time.  It is highly unlikely, but not impossible.  Regardless, I’m not 100% on considering this tropo due to the lack of any other signals (other than common relog 92.9 WVBW Suffolk, VA @ 132 miles) in at about the same time as WEZF.  If it was tropo, WEZF would become my furthest FM tropo log, unseating 99.9 WQRC Barnstable, MA @ 420 miles, first logged on 9/7/05.  Without confirmation on the propagation mode, I unfortunately cannot update this FM statistic.


New FM meteor scatter ping from 92.9 CFLT Dartmouth, NS

new-post-fmmsI received a perfectly-timed FM meteor scatter ping from 92.9 CFLT Dartmouth, NS, “Lite 92-9″ during the early morning hours of Oct. 2.  Although this is the first time I have received CFLT via meteor scatter at 813 miles from my Virginia home, it was first logged via Sporadic E on 5/31/10.  Click on the player below to hear yesterday’s logging of CFLT.

92.9 CFLT Dartmouth, NS, 10/2/13 (“Lite 92-9″)


New FM meteor scatter ping from 92.9 WJXA Nashville, TN

new-post-fmmsDuring a very productive night of meteor scatter, I received a fairly strong FM meteor scatter ping from 92.9 WJXA Nashville, TN, “Mix 92.9″  In the clip, which you can hear below by pressing play in the audio player, you can hear the station’s slogan “Your Live, Your Music.”  WJXA is a relog, having first been received by meteor scatter in Virginia on 8/10/13.

92.9 WJXA Nashville, TN, 561 miles, 10/1/13 (“…92.9, Your Life, Your Music…”)

wjxaFor fun, I decided to record a portion of WJXA’s webstream to further confirm this is what I picked up.  Click on the player below to hear the identical station slogan heard off WJXA’s webstream, recorded on 10/2/13:

92.9 WJXA Nashville, TN, online webstream recording 10/2/13

New FM meteor scatter ping from unidentified Indiana station

new-post-fmmsWhile going over unattended radio recordings yesterday, I heard the following on 92.9 FM at 3:15 p.m.:

“…game from the Hoosier Lottery…”

The Hoosier Lottery is the state lottery for Indiana, meaning this could’ve been one of two signals: relog 92.9 WNDV South Bend, IN @ 514 miles, 20kw or 92.9 WSKL Veedersburg, IN @ 553 miles, 4.5 kw.  Since there’s no true ID in the clip, I can’t claim it to be any of the aforementioned signals, but it is good to at least know what state unidentified meteor scatter pings come from!

New audio file added from relog 106.1 WUSH Poquoson, VA

new-post-fmtrMinor tropospheric enhancement on Aug. 26 brought in occasional relog 106.1 WUSH Poquoson, VA, which serves the Norfolk, VA market as “US 106-1,” a country station.  I realized that I did not have an audio file of this station, so I added the clip below to my Audio Files page.

106.1 WUSH Poquoson, VA, 107 miles (“US 106-1″)

Tr opening 8/24/13. New FM RDS screenshots and audio files added.

new-post-fmtrAn unusual tropo opening brought in signals from two uncommon paths to my Northern Virginia home.  96.7 WDLD and 104.7 WAYZ from the Hagerstown, MD  area were blasting in with full stereo reception during the 11 p.m. hour.  Typically, WDLD is heard very weak slightly above the noise level, but I never heard WAYZ on my home radios, only in my car until today.  100.7 WZBA, another signal that barely comes in, if at all, during normal conditions (even with other Baltimore signals decoding IBOC) came in for the first time with RDS in the opening.  93.1 WPOC, from Baltimore, MD, a semi-local but short-spaced to IBOC-carrying local 93.3 WFLS decoded RDS for the first time since 2008 when I added RDS capability to my shack, too.  All of these northwestern and northeastern signals were joined by several rare southwesternly signals heard from 106.1 WCNR, a very weak 600-watter from the Charlottesville area, and 105.5 WOJL from Louisa, VA.  All signals heard in the opening were relogs.

93.1 WPOC Baltimore, MD, 51 miles

93.1 WPOC Baltimore, MD, 51 miles

100.7 WZBA Westminster, MD, 60 miles

104.7 WAYZ Hagerstown, MD, 72 miles (“104.7 WAYZ”)

106.1 WCNR Keswick, VA, 81 miles (“106-1 The Corner”)

Meteor scatter 8/20/13. 1 new FM log.

new-post-fmmsAfter a few days of almost no meteor scatter on the FM radio band following several days of intense Perseids activity, I received a new station via meteor scatter, 92.9 WGTZ Eaton, OH @ 390 miles with an advertisement for Wegerzyn Gardens Center’s Five Rivers Metroparks in Dayton, OH, which is located within WGTZ’s coverage area.  My DX Log has been updated with the new logging and the clip below has been added to the Audio Files page.

92.9 WGTZ Eaton, OH, 390 miles (local info)


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